Hagia Sophia

I want to go to one of the many places I find detailed information about Sophia will try to introduce them to share with you :)one of the unique piece of the history of world architecture Hagia Sophia in Istanbul’s oldest building;

Since 1935 the museum visit the Hagia Sophia, the Byzantine living testimony to Ottoman make rare and is visited by tourists from every country throughout the year as one of the monumental structure. Time challenges the giant structure, climate, location caused by effects such as tremors destruction today meticulous and painstaking restoration work trying to resolve with.
The construction of the 532 also introduced the Hagia Sophia material usually used for the construction brought eight columns of red porphyry in the temple of Diana at Ephesus, the world’s No. moved material from marble quarries. Open especially from Euboea island green, Algeria, yellow, pink veined from Sigayan, red and white marble used by moving the Southwestern Anatolia. 5 years of the study worked with a thousand ten thousand craftsmen, completed construction period of 11 months and 10 days.

Sophia has encountered great danger at various times and building supplement, it has been repaired.

55.60 meters high, 31.36 meters wide and average speed of the dome described as a miracle based on 40 rib width of 1.1 meters. Below 40 out of 67 of them while carrying the weight of the structure, including 107 columns above, the structure provided with a window opening 40 to receive plenty of light. Continued There ยป



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